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Cataract Surgery, Tewksbury Community Hospital                                                                                                                                                                      Improving Care for Deteriorating Patients

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Training and Development



As part of supporting Innovation and Best Practice in Community Hospitals the CHA wants to support education, training and continuous professional development for staff.


We aim to do this in many ways:

  • Sharing the good practice being developed in Community Hospitals through summaries of our Innovation and Best Practice winners
  • Signposting to education and training resources
  • Promoting the use of Community Hospital relevant research
  • Connecting staff who are/have developed education and training resources for use in Community Hospitals
  • Supporting networking between Community Hospitals

If you have developed a teaching/training package that can be utilised by other Community Hospitals, would like some help with a piece of work you are doing, have identified a resource that might be useful to others or would be interested in hosting a Webinar email us in the first instance.



Training Resources


Please feel free to download our paper on training resources, which lists many of the links to training and development. Please contact us if you have any comment, or wish to add anything.  Thank you.  Download Training Resources