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Ways in Which Patients and the Public are Making Themselves Heard 


Edward Hain Hospital - Report on "How a Consultation Went Wrong"


Dr Peter Levin, a local resident, has written a report Nov 2020 on the consultation on the closure of Edward Hain Hospital in Cornwall - key points quoted below: 

  • This is the story of Edward Hain Community Hospital in the Cornish coastal town of St Ives and the hospital’s role in the local community.
  • The Edward Hain Hospital used to have 12 inpatient beds but because of concerns about evacuating the building in case of fire these were ‘temporarily’ closed to new admissions in February 2016.
  • The story: how a community hospital reached the point of closure
  • What went wrong in the consultation process - including lack of adherence to the Gunning principles

Dr Levin has said "By maladroit framing of the issue, creating a fait accompli, withholding relevant information, ignoring the views of community stakeholders, misinterpreting statistics, using a misconceived ’scoring’ system and giving out mixed messages, the clinical commissioning group behind the closure is antagonizing local people instead of bringing them on board."


Read the report here

Dr Levin was a researcher and tutor at the London School of Economics - read more here


Dorset Community Hospitals


A referral made by Dorset HSC on the basis of "concern that there is no local alternative to the loss of community hospitals given Dorset’s demographic with its ageing population and how that service will be delivered.”   The IRP letter of advice published in 2020 was for the proposals to go ahead, although required local action such as improved engagement.  Read the CHA summary    The CHA continues to support communities and all involved in their community hospitals to have a voice. 


Independent Reconfiguration Panel - National Appeals 


The CHA is aware of the process of appeals, and is grateful for helpful conversations about the process with the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP).   Communities who have concerns about plans to change/reduce/close community hospital services can make representation to their local NHS and Local Authority.  Very often this is about the way that consultation processes are undertaken as well as the plans for change.  Referral can be made by the Health Scrutiny Committee (HSC) to the Secretary of State if they have concerns. These are assessed by the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) which then issues advice.    The IRP has published its annual report  on lessons learnt and its number one critical success factor is about involving all concerned:

"1. Open community and stakeholder involvement from the first stage of considering change."

Consultation guidance from NHS England is provided here



Care Opinion

"An independent site about your experiences of UK health services, good or bad.  We pass your stories to the right people to make a difference."  Link to site 



NHS Choices 

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National Voices - Person-Centred Care

National voices is the coalition of health and social care charities in England.   Link to site  National voices provides resources and publications such as"Six Principles for Engaging people and communities"  Read more 



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