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About Quality Improvement


We support a community of practice, and promote innovation and best practice through our annual programme of awards. We hold regular conferences and workshops to share ideas and learn about new models of care and new ways of working. We are developing our networks of good practice, and have developed our programme of webinars and a regular CHA Members Discussion Forum by Zoom.

 CHA Members Forum 


We are planning our 2021 Forum topics so please do get in touch if there is an area you would like us to focus on



*Forum on Medicines Management   2nd December 2020*

Members of CHA have been sent an email giving details of this forum, and inviting them to participate. 



*Forum on Frailty*

October 2020


This was a fascinating discussion on practice and evidence, with lots of resources shared. 

A lively discussion and positive feedback. 3 presentations: Community Assessment Treatment Units in Cornwall (led by Sue Greenwood); Frailty Matters (led by Anne Hendry) and Research in Frailty (led by Catherine Evans)

Please download Notes and Frailty Matters Presentation  



*Forum on Quality*

September 2020


Thanks to the 3 CHA members who had contributed a guest blog to the CHA website here  

Their presentations were excellent.  


Julia Fairhall                            Sandra Speller                                        Steffi Bailey      


We launched the CHA Innovations and Best Practice Awards at the Forum, and also shared information on our bid to the Q Exchange for a study on community hospitals and Covid-19.   Notes of the discussions, wu can be downloaded here



*Forum on Community Hospitals and the CHA*

August 2020


A presentation on a CHA Award winning project, and an open discussion. Notes can be downloaded here


Helen Rowe talking about the Flora Trolley



The CHA QI Team


The Quality Improvement work of the CHA is led by Evelyn Prodger with Suzanne Jones, Helen Rowe and Liz Fenton.


Please email us with your examples of your practice that you want to share with others across the UK. Also please sent in any queries you have on improving practice in community hospitals and hubs. 


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